Our Story

The Honey Crate was founded from our passion for bees, honey, and the environment.

Beekeepers Adam + Helena, created The Honey Crate in 2019 with a mission to promote ethical beekeeping and agricultural practices, and to share a taste of the raw, natural honey from the Strath Taieri Valley. However the history of beekeeping for the Dale family goes back much further than that!


The Dale family have been beekeeping in the Strath Taieri Valley, ever since John started keeping bees back in the 1950's. 

Dale Honey was established by Adam’s grandfather John in the late 50s, built up from just a couple of beehives in the back yard. Having lived and kept bees across Otago from Port Chalmers to Lawrence, in the late eighties the family moved to Middlemarch where the company remains based. A passion for beekeeping has been passed down from John to his grandson Adam, who continues the tradition of producing the finest white clover honey in New Zealand.


When it comes to sustainability, we have tried to think about the best way to package + sell our honey. The packaging we use is mainly all reusable or can be recycled (except for the label, but we are working on that one!) 

We offer a jar/crate swap scheme, where you can return your empty crate to us and receive a discount off your next purchase. 

We also want to promote the amazing work our NZ farmers do by encouraging bees onto their land. For them the bees are an important asset to their land for the pollination of the clover crop, to reduce the need for artificial fertilisers. 


Dunedin is spoiled for choice when it comes to food + drink and is known for having some of the highest quality products available. With The Honey Crate, we wanted to showcase the different honey types sourced from this beautiful corner of New Zealand. From the rocky hills of Central Otago, to the paddocks of the Strath Taieri, and the wild coastal bush of Dunedin's coastline.




All of our honey is sourced and packed within Otago region, from hive to jar we are involved in all the steps required to bring honey from the bees to your kitchen table. We even want the jars back when you are finished with them. So we can wash, sterilise and re-fill again with more delicious honey!